Friday, 27 May 2011

College Stand Down

So, today was my last official day at college. I don't really have much to comment about the day, but it was a lot less emotional than I thought it would be– perhaps because we haven't really finished college, we all still have to go in for exams.

Beth and I sat together during mass (I go to a Catholic college) and, afterwards, we all went outside to release balloons which are supposed to represent our collective hopes and dreams– or something equally cheesy and ridiculous. It made for a good photo opportunity though, so it all worked out for the best:

Ben starting to wave before releasing the balloons.

After the balloon releasing, Ben came down to meet us (because we didn't have chance to see him much before then), and we also found Lauren within the throng of people. We then proceeded to get our first ever photo together:

L-R: A cow, Lauren, a moustachio-ed fellow, Ben, Beth, two very-much-alive dinosaurs, me.

Once a few photos were taken, we went back inside for the leaver's assembly and, since I already had my camera out, I thought it'd be a great opportunity to do a bit of freelensing... typically.
I think this is my favourite of the three that I took.

After clapping for so long that my hands stung, the assembly reminisced about the last two years of college and celebrated people's achievements within that time. It was heart-warming but not overly emotional, which I was happy about.

Once the reminiscing subsided, we all scuttled out and ended up outside, with Ben showing off his morris dancing skills– because he actually does morris dancing, complete with bells and wooden stick. He tried– and failed– to pass on his dancing ability to Lauren, but it didn't matter and they had a pretend sword fight instead. We gathered together and took even more photos:

(My favourite photo ever. It's such a shame Lauren isn't in it. D: )

We proceeded to go to the pub for a few pints, which was nice (even though I'm underage but shhhh, don't tell anyone).

Lauren and I left the pub and we both got a hug from a guy we've known for a year and have never even touched before. He had his face painted blue and some of it ended up on my face.

Overall, an amazing day. I have nothing much else to say. :)

Although, I have already managed to cross one thing off of my list– I now have photos of both Beth and Ben. If you're to look through my photos, it looks like they didn't exist until the last day of college, despite us being friends for over a year and a half.

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