Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Camera! :)

I know that, from the title, it appears that this post would be more suited to my photography blog but I decided that I would post it here because it's not just about the camera in this case.
Just for reference, here is a (particularly badly edited) photo of said camera:

It's the body of a film Canon EOS 500 SLR. Now, most people would be like "whatever, big deal, I can buy one from ebay for about a fiver" but this camera does have some sort of significance, maybe not to me but to the person who gave me it.

This was a gift from my form tutor, Mr Davies. He's been my form tutor at college for two years and, after tomorrow, I will no longer have tutorial at all. We (everyone in my form) had one to one interviews with our form tutor so he can write decent references for us all and, during mine, we (Mr Davies and I) got talking about photography and I mentioned that I was getting a film SLR camera body for my birthday– I neglected to tell him that my mother had already bought me one. He then preceded to tell me that he owned a film SLR that he used to use for years but was trying to get rid of it. He tried to give it to his father (who is a semi-professional photographer) but he didn't want it. Then Mr Davies, very kindly, offered to give it to me free of charge.

I can't use it yet since I haven't got batteries, film or a lens for it– all of which I'm getting for my birthday. I can just imagine all of the memories he has attached to this little piece of technology and I hope to also attach my own memories as well and, maybe when I've finished with it, I can pass it on to someone else and give them the gift of film photography.

Plus, giving me this, I will now always have a reminder of my college years and, in particular, of my form tutor– something that can comfort me when I move away for university and everything is strange and unfamiliar.

And now I'd like to present to you, my form tutor, Mr Davies busking in his hometown (because he's also a talented musician):


  1. Aw, I love material items that have a significance to you beyond what it is meant to do. You will definitely have to post some pictures once you get shootin! Btw, what is a form tutor?

  2. Yeah, I will do. :)
    A form tutor is someone who takes you for registration but doesn't actually teach you, if you get what I mean. They help you apply for university and things like that.